Sound absorbing panels

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Eliminating the noise that prevents us from hearing a conversation properly allows us to avoid reactions from the body such as headaches, anxiety, bad moods, exhaustion... As we explain in this article, the acoustic conditioning of the spaces where we interact and live is a passive good that generates health.

However, when we think of acoustic solutions, images of walls lined with egg cartons and foam panels usually come to mind. Fortunately, there are products that allow interior walls to be covered aesthetically while improving the acoustic quality of the space. At iTEKNA we offer you panels that properly absorb sound energy, creating elegant interior spaces that adapt to any type of activity.


What are sound absorbing panels and what are they for?

Sound absorbing panels are plates of sound absorbing material, so they are the solution to the problems of echo and reverberation that are generated in spaces. In addition, the whole range of panels that we use meet the regulations on fire, allergens and have a high level of sound absorption. These panels are used to cover various needs. Here are some of their main functions:

  • Reducing, correcting and absorbing noise pollution in enclosed spaces: By dampening unwanted sound it improves noise quality and provides a pleasant atmosphere, especially in leisure and working environments.

  • To condition and structure the spaces better: The configuration and installation of the panels may vary depending on the type of room and the source of noise pollution. For example, the sound absorption of a meeting room will be very different from that of an open-plan office.
  • Interior decoration: The acoustic panels that we can provide you with at iTEKNA improve the visual aspect of any space. In addition, they can be personalized and adapted to the space with colors, shapes and finishes according to the corporate image or the tastes of each client. The possibilities they offer can be infinite.


Advantages of using sound absorbing panels

It is not surprising that at iTEKNA we are serving more and more clients who decide to condition their businesses with the sound absorbing panels that we offer, due to the spectacular cost-benefit ratio that they offer. These are some of their main advantages:

  • Reduction of stress level: They reduce stress levels and irritability and, consequently, increase the ability of employees to concentrate in offices and other work environments.
  • Adaptation to any space: The panels are designed to adapt to any environment, both work and leisure.
  • Wide range of decorative designs: There is a great variety of colors, dimensions, and styles, so they integrate very well into any decorative environment.

  • They are economical and very simple to install: These panels are quite economical and their installation is quick and easy, as they do not require any building work. They can be placed glued to ceilings and walls, using adhesives or suspended in the air. In this way, you can play with the heights and volumes of the room through the anchors.

  • They do not interfere with your company's normal activity: It is very important to note that in addition to being a collective solution for noise reduction, sound absorbing panels do not affect your company's production capacity in any way, since they are solutions that are usually located on ceilings and walls, and in no way affect the workplace.


I would like to install sound absorbing panels in my property, what should I do?

To determine the exact amount of sound absorbing panels to be installed and to be able to obtain the appropriate reverberation reduction, it is necessary to carry out an acoustic study that characterizes the acoustic properties of the room to be treated and the existing noise sources in it. By creating an acoustic model that simulates the propagation of sound in an enclosure, the effectiveness of absorbent solutions is tested. In this way, it is possible to predict the effect that the installed panels will have and thus select the optimal number, size, and location of them.

At iTEKNA we offer the realization of this acoustic study, as well as advice during the whole selection process of our range of sound absorbing panels and their subsequent installation with the aim of achieving acoustically comfortable spaces, adjusting to the needs of each client. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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