New conference room at Fresdental

Picture Nuevo auditorio de Fresdental

Fresdental, with more than 20 years producing prostheses, implants and dental connections, is very firmly committed to training and education. To this end, they have recently opened a new prosthetic office in their new premises, which acts as a "classroom with patient" as well as an conference room for training and presentations. 

 At iTEKNA we have carried out this audiovisual installation taking into account all the needs of the client:

  • To be able to broadcast presentations from the screen
  • To be able to broadcast from the booth via a microphone in the doctor to existing audiences
  • To be able to ask questions from the audience to the doctor in the patient's room
  • To be able to connect and broadcast an extra source from the remote panel installed near the speaker's table
  • To have different audio configuration presets depending on the application in the room

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